The JEEVIKA programme, supported by the World Bank, aims to reduce poverty: Minister of Rural Development

In an effort to reduce trash and give rural women a means of support, Bihar is encouraging them to craft glass bracelets out of seized alcohol bottles.

The state government’s Prohibition Department has approved 1 crore as start-up funding for the establishment of bangle manufacturing facilities, with women affiliated with the “JEEVIKA” rural livelihood initiative in charge.

According to Prohibition and Excise Minister Sunil Kumar, enormous amounts of alcohol are collected every year in the state, and the authorities frequently have trouble getting rid of the confiscated bottles.

“Liquor bottles that have been seized are crushed with earthmovers, producing enormous trash. The department will now give the broken bottles to the jeevika workers as raw materials for making glass bangles as part of this project. The Rural Development Department is training a group of JEEVIKA workers to make glass bangles, he said.

“For its further extension, a thorough feasibility report is being developed. The number of manufacturing units will initially be small, but it will rise over the coming weeks and months. It’ll function like a cottage industry”, he continued.

According to a top department official, a strategy is being created to determine how many production units would be first established.


Scheme objective

According to Rural Development Minister Shrawan Kumar, the JEEVIKA programme, which receives funding from the World Bank, aims to reduce poverty.

“The scheme’s goal is to increase work opportunities for the underprivileged, particularly women in rural areas. Employees of JEEVIKA are already employed in the production of LED tube lights and bulbs, and they are self-sufficient financially, he claimed.

According to Kumar, the Prohibition Department and his department are collaborating on the plan to manufacture bangles.

Officials from the two departments are working together to create the initiative’s overall plan. He stated that Patna will probably be the project’s starting point.


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